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Relaxed, confident McSweeny discusses range of antitrust and consumer issues

Federal Trade Commission member Terrell McSweeny has been in her post for about a year and a half, and in a nearly hour-long interview with FTC:WATCH she seemed more relaxed than when she chatted with us a year ago.

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FTC’s administrative procedure at heart of SMARTER Act debate

Congress wants to take away a merger review tool that the Federal Trade Commission doesn’t use terribly often but wants to keep as an option.

Battle lines drawn over antitrust scrutiny of product hopping

The Federal Trade Commission’s recent decision to file an amicus brief — only its fourth of the year — in a case involving charges of “product hopping” signaled the agency’s aspiration that such...

European Court’s decision provokes debate over whether FTC should get new authority

The stunning decision by the European Court of Justice to strike down a 15-year agreement that allows companies to transfer personal data from Europe to servers in the United States has triggered a...

Precautionary regulation a major challenge facing 'Internet of Things,' Ohlhausen says

A precautionary approach to the "Internet of Things" by federal regulators could hamper innovation, the Republican member of the US Federal Trade Commission warned Wednesday, urging her colleagues...

FTC investigating VW ad claims

The Federal Trade Commission is investigating the advertising claims made by Volkswagen about the environmental benefits of its diesel engines.

Neil Averitt commentary: Lies, damn lies, and allegations of ‘coin tosses’

Congressman Bob Goodlatte and his Republican allies have introduced a bill that will significantly alter the merger authority of the Federal Trade Commission. It is needed, they say, to prevent...

FTC sues company for making false claims and censoring online reviews

Ramirez says improving technology expertise a priority for FTC