Wu says FTC has law on its side

Timothy Wu, who was the intellectual architect of much of the Biden administration’s competition policy, says the US has moved to an antitrust era that connects to democratic roots. Congressional intent assures its longevity, he told FTCWatch in a...

Neill Averitt

Amgen-Horizon case raises possibility of personalized merger law

At first glance, the Federal Trade Commission’s complaint targeting the Amgen-Horizon deal seems ill-conceived and overbroad, but on second look there may be a hidden logic behind it. The history of the two companies could also become a factor in the analysis.

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Airline collusion probe reignites debate over mergers

Ever since the Justice Department settled its lawsuit challenging the merger of US Airways and American Airlines in 2013, critics have blasted the deal, charging that it increased the likelihood...

Merger activity still rising; regulator workload rising too

Some $1.7 trillion in merger deals were announced worldwide during the first half of 2015, an increase of 11.6 percent over the same period in 2014, according to data compiled by Mergermarket, a...

Sysco Judge Mehta has initiation by fire into antitrust arena

It’s the judicial equivalent of being put into a playoff game several months after being called up to the major leagues.

Sewage officials want FTC to flush false wet-wipe claims

Water sanitation officials from around the country are urging the Federal Trade Commission to crack down on what they say are false claims being made by wet-wipe manufacturers that their products...

DOJ leans in to challenge Electrolux-GE merger

Nine years ago, the Justice Department’s antitrust division attracted some public criticism when it decided not to block Whirlpool’s purchase of Maytag, which reduced the number of competitors in...

Young magistrate judge building legal legacy in Silicon Valley

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