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FTC consumer fraud case leads to Utah scandal

A Federal Trade Commission consumer protection investigation has indirectly led to what the Salt Lake Tribune is calling “the biggest corruption scandal in Utah history,” with two former attorneys general charged with participating in shakedowns, blackmail and bribery. It’s also a Wild West tale with reports of gifts of gold coins, silver bars buried in the mountains, online gambling and luxury houseboat junkets on Lake Powell.

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ICANN under pressure from FTC, lawmakers

By next year the United States will likely lose much of its control over how the Internet is regulated, but the Federal Trade Commission and Congress are both still trying to influence the...

Apple’s conflict with court-appointed monitor stirs debate

The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit recently rebuffed Apple's effort to boot a monitor appointed to oversee the firm’s antitrust compliance and training program, but Apple’s...

FTC’s first case against retail tracking firm draws criticism

When the Federal Trade Commission recently brought its first case against a retail tracking company for failing to keep its promise that it would provide an in-store mechanism to allow consumers to...

Congressional patent bills get mixed reviews

The Federal Trade Commission would have the power to seek civil penalties of up to $5 million against patent-assertion entities (PAEs) it deems abusive under legislation currently working its way...

FTC examines a new frontier: The ‘Sharing Economy’

The Federal Trade Commission’s June 9 workshop on the peer-to-peer economy has drawn a record number of comments from the public, appropriately enough, considering the magnitude of the economic...

Neil Averitt commentary: Routes Tesla can take to detour governmental roadblocks

The regulatory obstacles facing Tesla Motors are all visible in a suburban showroom outside of Salt Lake City. Tesla planned to use this space to display its new electric cars and take orders for...

FTC ponders weighing privacy concerns in merger reviews

Appeals court rules for FTC on HSR rulemaking on pharmaceuticals