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Split vote over Sysco-US Foods challenge sparks debate

A few days before the highly-anticipated trial began in the Federal Trade Commission’s challenge to the $3.5 billion merger of Sysco and US Foods, several Republican lawmakers wrote Chairwoman Edith Ramirez that the divided 3-2 party-line commission vote to bring the case “raises questions about the legal and economic arguments” that the agency relied on in its “race to the courthouse door” to block the deal. Pursuing the litigation on “a divided basis” also “may ultimately harm the commission’s effort to serve the public interest,” the lawmakers added. (See related story on US Foods and Sysco in issue).

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May 29 — George Mason University School of Law’s Law and Economics Center is holding its Global Antitrust Economics Conference. FTC Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen is giving the keynote address. The...


Former FTC tech expert Felten moves up

Harris gets US antitrust nod for Exelis buyout

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Postal workers union weighs in on Staples, Office Depot deal

The American Postal Workers Union has weighed into the debate over the Staples and Office Depot merger with a white paper analyzing what they view as the deal’s core antitrust problem—namely that...

FTC looking into Zuffa, owner of Ultimate Fighting Championship

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Union asks for inquiry into franchising practices

The 2 million-member Service Employees International Union, which represents health-care, landscaping and fast-food workers, has asked the Federal Trade Commission to initiate a Section 6(b)...

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Judge questions Sysco view on customer buying options, FTC economic analysis

Banks plead guilty to manipulating foreign exchange market

Neil Averitt commentary: Rethinking Section 5, in the way Congress intended

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