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Shocking testimony stuns courtroom in LabMD case

The stunning testimony of a key witness that the Federal Trade Commission had relied on manufactured evidence to build the agency’s case that LabMD had failed to adequately protect consumers’ confidential data emerged last week as the latest dramatic development in this bitter faceoff. The FTC’s decision not to cross-examine the witness in the administrative trial added yet another surprise.

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Sharp split arising over competing data breach bills

The battle over data breach legislation has intensified since Senator Patrick Leahy introduced a measure that was quickly embraced by many consumer advocacy groups, while businesses generally are...

Uber, AirBnB coming under scrutiny at the FTC

Comments are flooding into the Federal Trade Commission in advance of its planned June 9 workshop on what is being called the peer-to-peer economy, where people transport commercial passengers in...

FTC is out; CFPB, FCC team up on mobile ‘cramming’

A bevy of regulators including the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Federal Communications Commission and several state attorneys general reached a $158 million settlement with mobile...

Legal foes seeking $18 million over failed hospital merger

The cost is mounting, to the tune of at least $18 million, for what appears to have been a failed effort by an Idaho hospital to buy a physician practice in the state.

Surge of mergers straining regulatory capacity

With a continuing rush of mergers expected, the capacity of the Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice is already strained.

Neil Averitt commentary: Could revival of Robinson-Patman rescue Main Street?

Let us now pause and do something that has been done very seldom in the last two generations. Let us think — actually think — about the Robinson-Patman Act. Let us make our minds blank, and look at...

Private dispute resolution proposed for advertisers

FTC emerges as winner under proposed patent bills

Mark Ryan reflects on his time at DOJ

Puerto Rico shipping executive acquitted

North Carolina dental board ruling could impact healthcare, top NY antitrust enforcer says

International Competition Network meeting draws 500

Commissioner Brill renews call for stronger privacy action

FTC approves merger to create world’s largest cement firm