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North Carolina Dentists ruling opens legal frontiers

For competition advocates, the Supreme Court opinion in North Carolina Dentists was a welcome step toward bringing oversight to self-interested state regulatory boards. Still, the initial decision on liability was the easy part. The tough substantive issues, which will keep lawyers busy for the next decade, lie in the two paragraphs of Section IV. Those present the practical question of just what the state must do to provide an appropriate level of supervision. Those questions were left for future resolution, but the high court did provide some guideposts.

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Battle over value of music rights moves to Hill

Changes are “inevitable” in the way music is licensed, Senator Mike Lee, a Republican from Utah, told FTC:WATCH shortly after presiding at his first hearing as chairman of the Judiciary Antitrust,...

FTC officials blister Obama Administration’s privacy bill

With controversial new privacy initiatives emerging from the White House and the European Union, a crowd of about 3,000 privacy experts recently flocked to Washington despite the recent wretched...

FTC challenge to Sysco reflects restaurant-industry concerns

As the Federal Trade Commission’s lawsuit challenging Sysco’s $3.5 billion acquisition of rival US Foods begins to move through the courts, restaurants and other institutional food buyers are...

The John Oliver effect

For consumer activists, industry lobbyists and lawyers protecting their clients, an HBO program that runs on Sunday nights is now mandatory viewing.

FTC at 100: The agency in recent times—to infinity and beyond!

Editor’s Note: The Federal Trade Commission is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year; the first official meeting of the commission was held on March 16, 1915. In this series of articles, we...

The gloves are off and the FTC v. FCC battle is on

During the IAPP global privacy summit, the public air of conviviality and professions of good feelings and collegiality between the various federal agencies masked growing tension between the...

Consumer advocates urge CFPB to ban arbitration clauses

Law firms now in hackers' crosshairs, DOJ official warns

Tougher Telemarketing Sales Rule expected this year

FTC allegations against DirecTV latest use of ROSCA to stop deceptive ad practices

Connecticut AG establishes full-time privacy and data security unit