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Dollar-store reviews show advantages, pitfalls to FTC's new economic analysis method

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Data breach legislation appears to be gaining momentum

An unusual sound can be heard on Capitol Hill these days. Amid the cacophony of partisan potshots, there is talk of a real chance that data breach legislation can win passage and enactment this year.

Patent reform measure could move early this year

Like perennially frustrated fans of the beleaguered Chicago Cubs, supporters of patent reform who were upset by last year’s failure to pass a bill said “wait till next year.’’

GMU’s Henry Manne blazed path in legal analysis

The conventional wisdom never held much appeal for Henry Manne.

FTC turns a new page in using comic books to fight fraud

The Federal Trade Commission is turning to comic books—graphic novels—to provide tips on fighting fraud to Spanish-speaking consumers, who are especially vulnerable to scammers.

San Jose still pressing to end baseball’s antitrust exemption

Major League Baseball officials couldn’t resist doing a little chest thumping recently in response to a ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit that dismissed the City of San...

Neil Averitt commentary: Stormy seas for the ocean shipping conferences

The traditional ocean-shipping cartels are back in the news again, but this time it may be their swan song.

California AG would focus on consumer protection in Senate

Divided FTC warns of risks from interconnected devices

LabMD, battling FTC, takes on data security firm, too

DOJ collects more than $1.86 billion in fines in FY 2014

Massachusetts AG expresses concerns about Partners settlement

FTC, Treasury call ‘high alert’ on tax identity fraud

DOJ, FTC to hold health-care competition workshop