Dispute over competition regulation seen as debate over democracy

The link between market competition and democracy is creating an intellectual tug-of-war between progressives and their conservative counterparts.

Neill Averitt

The great fashion-model conspiracy

The antitrust profession thinks of labor cases as a recent policy innovation. But on the important topic of wage collusion, they date back several decades, at least to the Federal Trade Commission’s memorable case against the great fashion-model conspiracy of 1993.

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Car companies announce new venture as Google steps in

With privacy concerns mounting, many companies are wary of new alliances with tech firms. Google, for example, wants to get into the car business, but automobile manufacturers say they don’t want...


December 2 — FTC Commissioner Terrell McSweeny will speak at the American Antitrust Institute’s 8th Annual Private Enforcement Conference and Awards Dinner. The session will be held at the National...


DOJ’s Sidorov to join Lowenstein Sandler

Neil Averitt commentary: New book takes readers inside Microsoft lawsuits

A new book provides a comprehensive review of the Microsoft antitrust lawsuits. This is “The Microsoft Antitrust Cases: Competition Policy for the Twenty-first Century,” by Andrew Gavil and Harry...

FTC alleges deception in PlayStation marketing

As a result of a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, Sony Computer Entertainment America, the maker of the PlayStation gaming device, is being compelled to give refunds to consumers to...

FTC at 100: Post-war, FTC moves actively in Robinson-Patman enforcement

Editor's Note: The FTC is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year; the first official meeting of the commission was held in March 1915. FTC:WATCH is publishing a series of articles highlighting...