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GOP officials take swipes at FTC during anniversary celebration

The poisonous political atmosphere in the nation’s capital spilled over onto the Federal Trade Commission’s 100th anniversary celebration last week when a parade of Republican officials, energized by their sweeping mid-term electoral victory, took the opportunity to publicly criticize the agency.

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Net neutrality sets stage for turf battle between FTC and FCC

Well before President Barack Obama weighed in a few days ago to urge the Federal Communications Commission to regulate Internet service like a public utility, Federal Trade Commission officials had...

FTC comes down on patent troll company, law firm

The Federal Trade Commission used its consumer protection authority for the first time to clamp down on MPHJ Technology Investments, LLC, and its law firm for making deceptive statements in...

Congressional merger scrutiny will stay tough with GOP control, antitrust experts say

Republicans may love business, but that doesn’t mean they’ll look the other way at big mergers.

National Cinemedia, Screenvision to defend proposed merger against DOJ suit

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FTC at 100: Agency focuses on ads, fur and its own structure during Post-War Era

Editor's Note: The FTC is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year; the first official meeting of the commission was held in March 1915. FTC:WATCH is publishing a series of articles highlighting...

Neil Averitt commentary: Spotting criminal cartels: Time to add some new methods?

Anti-cartel enforcement is robust and effective, but oddly dependent on only a few narrow sources of information. It relies on its ability to persuade members of the cartel itself to cooperate and...

Groups urge FTC to reopen 'Big Data' merger, examine consolidation in sector

Sparks fly over whether FTC seeks excessive fines

FTC brainstorms on fraud-fighting strategies

In Blue Rhino and AmeriGas settlement, differing views emerge over analyzing horizontal agreements