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Pay to play: Antitrust officials among top campaign donors

Top officials at the FTC have dipped into their bank accounts to support the politicians who named them to their posts, according to data compiled by the Federal Election Commission and the Center for Responsive Politics. At the Department of Justice, meanwhile, the top ranks of the antitrust division are stocked with major campaign donors, according to those same statistics.

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Antitrust practitioners pan Comcast’s acerbic filing

Comcast Corp. is used to getting its way in this town. Its long list of hired guns, buttressed by David Cohen, its well-connected executive vice president, makes the firm a formidable force.

Countries jockey over antitrust claims

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FTC makes Letterman’s Top Ten

The FTC caught David Letterman’s eye last week. Not surprisingly, it involved last month’s settlement on caffeine-laced undergarments.

Mid-term elections may change leadership on Hill

Mid-term elections can be unpredictable, but expert political handicappers agree that there is almost no chance Republicans will lose control of the House in November. However, they are far less...

FTC at 100: Health scare leads to new powers for FTC

Editor's Note: The FTC is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year; the first official meeting of the commission was held in March 1915. In this series of articles, FTC:WATCH is chronicling the...

Neil Averitt commentary: “Consumer choice” analysis gaining ground in Europe

The theory of consumer choice has been gaining ground in Europe, as reflected in a spate of recent speeches, articles, and court decisions.

After long delay, FTC orders Graco divestiture

Feds, states unite in opposition to mobile cramming

FTC staff endorses new rule to track assets

Advocacy groups charge lax COPPA enforcement