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Sen. Rockefeller’s possible successors both privacy advocates

The next chairman of the Senate Commerce Science and Transportation Committee, the panel with primary oversight power over the FTC, is going to be either a former astronaut or an athlete recently called the “Fastest Man in Congress.”

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Strange bedfellows join up in North Carolina dental case

Some surprising alliances are emerging among the amicus briefs in the pending Supreme Court case involving state regulatory boards.

Ohlhausen raises alarm about Chinese antitrust regime

In a major policy speech delivered in New York City, FTC Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen warned that China appears to be using its six-year-old antitrust laws as a screen for promoting its domestic...

Uber’s legal troubles keep mounting

Disruptive and innovative new technologies typically stir fear and controversy, particularly among the established industry giants who have prospered under the status quo.

FTC and CFPB: Call it a case of sibling rivalry

Brothers in arms or brothers at odds?

FTC at 100: Robinson-Patman Act devised to save Main Street shops

Editor’s Note: As the FTC celebrates its 100th-year anniversary, FTC:WATCH is producing a series of articles highlighting the history of antitrust enforcement and consumer protection in America.

Neil Averitt commentary: Are the antitrust agencies reaching the limits of their capacity?

The American antitrust agencies are confronting a wave of particularly complex and challenging mergers. And both agencies have only finite resources of staff and money to put into investigations....


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