Tech titans, other companies face PR hurdles in antitrust suits

Antitrust cases are fought as much in the court of public opinion as in a courtroom, and experts say that calls for a multipronged strategy.

Neill Averitt

Actually using a balancing test in the Google case

Antitrust lawyers love to talk about the consumer welfare standard and the rule of reason, and indeed these things are central to the intellectual framework of the law and to practical counseling. But when they’re put to the test in high-stakes litigation against Big Tech, courts generally recoil...

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FTC takes on goliath Amazon on billing practices

As the FTC and Amazon prepare to do battle in federal court over the Commission’s allegation that the internet company reaped millions of dollars through unauthorized on-line purchases by children,...

T-Mobile, FTC fight over “cramming” allegations

The FTC and T-Mobile will soon be duking it out in federal district court over the Commission’s allegation that the telecommunications giant stuck consumers with hundreds of millions of dollars in...

House steps cautiously towards patent troll reform

The FTC may be getting more authority to clamp down on patent assertion entities but the commission doesn’t think a bill passed by a key House subcommittee goes far enough.

Facebook emotion study draws frowns, knits brows

Charging that Facebook “purposefully messed with people’s minds” in conducting a “secretive and non-consensual” study that used personal information to track people’s emotions, a privacy advocacy...

U.S. weighs in on global reach of antitrust laws

Responding to a recent request by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit for the government’s views on the potential impact of applying the Sherman Act to conduct in foreign countries –...

FTC at 100: In Roaring Twenties, changing times at FTC

Editor’s Note: With the FTC approaching its 100th-year anniversary, FTC:WATCH has initiated a series of articles highlighting the history of antitrust enforcement in America.