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House Republicans push for FTC oversight of net neutrality

A recent congressional hearing that explored the provocative idea of whether antitrust law might be more effective than a regulatory approach in protecting an open Internet provoked sharp partisan clashes.

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The debate over “efficiency” gets more pointed

For the best part of three decades, efficiency claims were a panacea that won regulatory approval of almost all proposed mergers. But a growing body of evidence suggests those claims have been...

FTC okays Ardagh deal, with divestitures

In a split decision, the FTC approved a final order settling charges that Ardagh Group SA’s $1.7 billion proposed acquisition of Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc. would likely harm competition in the...

AT&T and DirecTV pitch merger to lawmakers

The ideological differences between the House and the Senate were once again on vivid display last week at parallel hearings on the same topic.

Ohlhausen pushes for more deregulation of liquor industry

“Friends don’t let friends over-regulate, even in the alcohol area.’’

FTC at 100: The agency takes its faltering first steps

Editor’s Note: With the FTC approaching its 100th-year anniversary, FTC:WATCH has initiated a series of articles highlighting the history of antitrust enforcement in America.

Neil Averitt commentary: The Big Disconnect – Academic economists and public administration

There has always been some gap between academic economists on the one hand, and the corridors of public administration on the other. But the true extent of that gap became painfully apparent during...