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Congressional probe interrupts landmark data breach trial

Fireworks erupted recently at the high-stakes administrative trial involving the FTC’s challenge to the adequacy of a company’s data security practices. The case has become the target of a congressional investigation.

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Sen. Franken raises questions about stalking apps

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) was a successful comedian before entering politics. But at a recent hearing, he and colleagues were trying to demonstrate skills more often seen in another form of show...

DOJ prosecutor talks price-fixing with homebuilders

Is the building supplies industry going to be the next focus of Justice Department cartel-busting?

Supreme Court rules for POM Wonderful on marketing claims

Last Thursday was a wonderful day for POM Wonderful at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Is it time to axe the Tunney Act?

The frustration in veteran antitrust attorney Bert Foer’s voice comes across loud and clear as he describes the near-futility of filing public comments under the Tunney Act to express concerns...

FTC at 100: Sherman Act paved way for antitrust enforcement

Editor’s Note: With the FTC approaching its 100th-year anniversary, FTC:WATCH has initiated a series of articles highlighting the history of antitrust enforcement in America.

Neil Averitt commentary: Could insurance be a solution for data-breach problems?

Lawyers do have all the answers, of course, which is what I frequently tell my wife, but sometimes other people have simpler answers.

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FTC, DOJ pricing workshop