Political gridlock could prevent FTC from getting disgorgement powers

Congressional backers of giving the Federal Trade Commission more powers to recover ill-gotten gains will need a host of skills. But the most important one may be ensuring they can count to 60.

Neill Averitt

Protecting businesses from telemarketing scams

The Federal Trade Commission has long protected individual consumers from scams, but now it’s devoting more attention to scams that target businesses. This reflects a fundamental broadening of the agency’s sense of its mission.

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LabMD vs. FTC: The first data breach case goes to trial

The bitter battle between LabMD and the FTC over whether the company violated Section 5’s unfair practices prohibition by “fail[ing] to provide reasonable and appropriate security for personal...

FTC:WATCH exclusive: One–on–one with LabMD CEO Michael Daugherty

The morning weather was cool and overcast, but LabMD executive Michael Daugherty was already hot under the collar, spewing out a torrent of angry words about what he described as his dismal...

FTC releases data broker report, urges legislation

The FTC issued its long-awaited report on the data brokerage business on May 27, saying the findings revealed serious problems in transparency and accountability in the industry.

Snapchat settlement too weak, commenters say

Snapchat, the popular image–sharing app that guaranteed its images would vanish forever soon after delivery, is Public Enemy No. 1 among the people who take the time to write to the FTC these days.

Is it time for DOJ to start watching Amazon?

Justice Department antitrust officials have preened over the success of their prosecution of five book publishers and Apple for conspiring against Amazon in a move to jack up the prices of e-books.

FTC at 100: Brandeis, Wilson and the Progressive push for the FTC

Editor’s Note: With the FTC approaching its 100th-year anniversary, FTC:WATCH has initiated a series of articles highlighting the history of antitrust enforcement in America.