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Comcast merger foes face uphill battle

Critics of Comcast’s $45 billion bid for Time Warner Cable see nothing but bad news for consumers coming from the creation of such a behemoth company. As they try to figure out a strategy to stop the deal, these consumer advocates recognize, even if they won’t say it publicly, that they face an uphill battle.

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Terrell McSweeny officially joins the Commission

FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez welcomed Terrrell McSweeny as the newest member of the Commission on April 28. A low-key announcement following the swearing-in seems anti-climactic after five months...

Ohlhausen stresses balanced approach on ad regulation

Former President George W. Bush famously said that he didn’t “do nuance.’’

FTC officials weigh in on direct Tesla sales

Three senior Federal Trade Commission officials, in a post on the agency’s competition blog, opined that state bans on the direct sales of Tesla automobiles hurt consumers and unfairly protect...

More drama in Phoebe hospital merger

Last August, it looked like the long fight over a hospital merger in Southern Georgia was finally over.

Sixth Circuit upholds FTC hospital order

Another hospital unwinding may be on the horizon. Or will it be another Supreme Court case?

Neil Averitt Commentary: How the commissioners play on their days off

We know the professional identities of the FTC Commissioners, and what they think and do during the work week. But who are they the rest of the time? What interests and pastimes hold their...

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