On Capitol Hill, antitrust bills advance as Khan stumbles

Antitrust enforcers have received mixed receptions on Capitol Hill in recent weeks.

Neill Averitt

Federal-state relations could use more structure, won’t get much

There are getting to be an awful lot of cooks clustered around the antitrust soup kettle. The question is what to do about it.

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The circle is now complete: Terrell McSweeny confirmed

Terrell McSweeny’s long wait to join the FTC is finally over. After months passed before the Senate even took up her nomination, lawmakers, finally, on April 9, voted overwhelmingly – 95-1 – to...

DOJ, for first time, wins extradition on antitrust charge

In the first case of its kind, the Justice Department recently announced that an Italian national has been successfully extradited from Germany for his alleged involvement in a world-wide...

White House, industry ramp up data protection

With Congress at a standstill, the Obama administration, retailers and big banks are taking steps to beef up their efforts to prevent data breaches.

Lawmakers try to ban models too beautiful to believe

The FTC and Congress often deal with important issues; some are now urging that they deal literally with weighty ones.

Senators question cable merger, but does it even matter?

The venue for the recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger had to be changed from the panel’s more intimate meeting room in the Dirksen building to...

House panel considers changing FTC’s merger review powers

A draft legislative proposal that would change the FTC’s standard for obtaining a preliminary injunction in merger cases and limit its use of administrative adjudication in such cases is being...


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