Wu says FTC has law on its side

Timothy Wu, who was the intellectual architect of much of the Biden administration’s competition policy, says the US has moved to an antitrust era that connects to democratic roots. Congressional intent assures its longevity, he told FTCWatch in a...

Neill Averitt

Amgen-Horizon case raises possibility of personalized merger law

At first glance, the Federal Trade Commission’s complaint targeting the Amgen-Horizon deal seems ill-conceived and overbroad, but on second look there may be a hidden logic behind it. The history of the two companies could also become a factor in the analysis.

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Global convergence at ABA annual conference

It was another record gathering last week in Washington for the annual spring meeting of the American Bar Association antitrust and consumer protection section. More than 2,900 people attended the...

Consumer protection is all the rage

Move over, merger policy. Consumer protection is coming on strong at the FTC.

Antitrust Division promises continued aggressive enforcement

Top officials in the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division put the large gathering at the ABA’s antitrust spring meeting on notice: government lawyers will put the pedal to the metal in their...

Airline merger continues to be contentious

The U.S. Airways merger with American Airlines, approved by the Justice Department in November, continues to draw very mixed reviews.

Commissioner Brill: data broker report won’t recommend rules

FTC Commissioner Julie Brill said she hopes the agency’s report on the data brokerage industry will be released soon but that when it does, it will not contain recommendations for proposed rules.

FTC files amicus brief on COPPA case

The FTC and the State of California recently both filed amicus briefs in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in which they argued the lower court misconstrued a key federal law...