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Patent assertion entities have the government’s full attention

In the past month, efforts to rein in abusive patent litigation have multiplied across the country, with new voices of support and new legislation coming from the states, the White House and inside the Senate. The FTC is expected to play a key role in devising a response to the problem, and all signs point to a Section 6(b) investigation.

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Comcast, Time Warner flex lobbying muscle

If money is, as former California Treasurer Jesse Unruh said, “the mother’s milk of politics,’’ then Comcast and Time Warner Cable have done all they can to ensure that key political players don’t...

Senate hearing features debate over wireless competition

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) joked at a recent antitrust hearing that she knew that Ben Affleck was testifying elsewhere on Capitol Hill, but the big crowd that had gathered for her discussion had...

FTC gets cheers (and jeers) for Apple app settlement

There’s been a lot of sharp reaction to the FTC’s recent $32.5 million settlement with Apple Inc. to resolve complaints that the technology firm charged families for their children’s inadvertent...

Tracking consumers in retail stores raises privacy concerns

Before a recent FTC conference exploring privacy and other issues which arise when retailers track their customers’ movements, the Commission’s chief technologist showed how easy it is, from a...

Commissioner Ohlhausen: FTC should use all its tools

FTC Commissioner Maureen Ohlhausen has emerged as one of the more influential people at the agency, and her talks are being viewed as good predictors of where the agency may go next.

Neil Averitt commentary: As the FTC turns 100, a look back and forward

The Federal Trade Commission is a hundred years old this year and commentators are hurrying to perform their reviews and assessments. But these evaluations are often circular. The agency is judged...

Facebook settlement

Obama and privacy

Flour-milling merger


Grading the FTC

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