Non-compete rulemaking faces legal hurdles but could help Biden politically

The Federal Trade Commission’s rulemaking on non-compete agreements faces legal obstacles but could reap political and public policy benefits even if it’s struck down in court.

Neill Averitt

Chess cheating, defamation and the Twombly pleading standard

It’s an unusual legal story that involves international chess tournaments, the Twombly standard for pleading collusion, Arthur Schopenhauer, and radio-controlled vibrating sex devices — all at the same time. But this is such a story.

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Government shutdown causes widespread frustration

The long halls at the FTC building in Washington D.C. were eerily silent during the two-week government shutdown.

Sen. Markey seeks another FTC investigation of Google

The government may have been shut down, but Senator Edward J. Markey, (D-Mass.), a member of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, fired off a letter to FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez...

Justice Department dukes it out with Bazaarvoice in three-week trial

From the moment the trial began in the Justice Department’s challenge to Bazaarvoice Inc.’s $168.2 million acquisition of PowerReviews Inc., government lawyers have argued that there’s nothing...

Hospital merger trial underway in Idaho

An antitrust trial underway in a Boise courtroom, despite the government shutdown, could help determine whether the hospital merger trend accelerates in the wake of the passage of the Affordable...

Texas AG shifts gears and backs US Airways-American Airlines merger

Every politician, to be successful, must be a bit guileful without appearing unmoored from principle. But Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has done such an about-face in ending his challenge to...

Georgia residents angry over what they call weak-kneed FTC hospital action

The FTC’s decision to punt after its landmark Supreme Court court victory in a hospital acquisition case drew much disappointed and angry comment from Georgia in the 30-day comment period following...