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Amid political gridlock, FTC prepares for shutdown; DOJ shuts some operations

The Federal Trade Commission, another victim of the political gridlock in Washington, has prepared to shut down the agency at midnight on Tuesday, October 1. The Justice Department’s antitrust division will be affected, too, but not so severely because it is a criminal law enforcement agency.

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Smooth sailing at hearing for FTC nominee McSweeny

By the conclusion of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee’s recent hearing on her nomination to be an FTC commissioner, Terrell McSweeny had reason to smile. She had succeeded...

FTC announces patent probe, but what took so long?

More than three months after FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez said her agency should use its authority to study the costs and benefits of patent assertion entities – derisively called “patent trolls” –...

Commissioner Wright urges hands-off tack on standard-setting groups

Some commentators are pressing for the use of antitrust rules to shape the content of standard-setting organization agreements, but FTC Commissioner Joshua Wright is not among them. Commissioner...

FTC joins efforts to combat Obamacare fraud

The Federal Trade Commission is redoubling its efforts to prepare for a possible onslaught of scam artists when much of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) kicks in on October 1.

Government agencies circling the wagons over tribal lending

A fierce battle pitting Indian tribes intent on protecting their sovereignty and power to conduct online lending businesses against an aggressive New York prosecutor determined to shield his...

Neil Averitt Commentary: Did the FTC get it right on Phoebe Putney?

Why is the FTC walking away from its most important Supreme Court victory in the past twenty-five years?

Justice Department takes Bazaarvoice to trial

FTC, CFPB spell out elder financial abuse reporting rules