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Gender balance shifts – big-time – at the FTC

Girrrrl power!!!

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In many forums, privacy moving into the limelight

The antennae of government agencies are abuzz, and developments are coming fast and furious in the privacy and information security arenas, according to participants at a recent American Bar...

Commissioner Brill: Voluntary privacy protection programs needed

It’s time for companies to step up to the plate and deal head on with consumer privacy problems.

CFPB, FTC target debt collection practices

Companies that collect debts – either for themselves or for others – and do so in a shady manner found themselves in the crosshairs of two federal consumer watchdogs last week.

Apple facing uphill slog in ebook appeal

Apple wasted little time in saying it will appeal U.S. District Court Judge Denise Cote’s recent 159-page ruling that it had participated in a conspiracy with five book publishers to raise e-book...

FTC loading the dice in gamblers’ favor

What are the odds? Not good when it comes to beating the house at a casino. But gamblers have a new friend in Washington to ease the pain of their losses.

Neil Averitt Commentary: Lining up antitrust and consumer protection

As one of the limited number of people at the FTC with substantial experience in both of its litigating bureaus, I sometimes watched valuable opportunities slip away because the two bureaus did not...