Dispute over competition regulation seen as debate over democracy

The link between market competition and democracy is creating an intellectual tug-of-war between progressives and their conservative counterparts.

Neill Averitt

The great fashion-model conspiracy

The antitrust profession thinks of labor cases as a recent policy innovation. But on the important topic of wage collusion, they date back several decades, at least to the Federal Trade Commission’s memorable case against the great fashion-model conspiracy of 1993.

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FTC takes aim at threats to mobile devices

The FTC is not waiting for the bad guys to attack your mobile devices. Even as it is clear that the U.S. has escaped sustained mobile malware attacks that have occurred in other countries, the...

FTC officials give guidance on environmental marketing

Present and former FTC officials recently gave consumer product company executives some reassurance– as well as some warnings – about where lines must be drawn to ensure that the companies’...

Ohlhausen’s views on privacy stir criticism from activists

As the debate over privacy has exploded across the country in recent days amid revelations of the government’s massive sweep of phone records and surveillance of Internet services, FTC Commissioner...

DOJ, FTC weigh in on appellate antitrust case

After a panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit ruled that an antitrust divestiture decree involving a licensing agreement could be rejected under the Bankruptcy Code, the Court...

Commentary: Bright smiles abound after FTC's teeth-whitening victory

Last month the Fourth Circuit handed the Commission a solid victory, 3-0, in the case of North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners v. FTC. This was a win on several different fronts. In the...

Debtors and lenders agree: Debt system needs national standards

Lenders and debtors are usually at odds with each other, but representatives of groups that collect debts and those who represent debtors found common ground at a recent Washington forum.

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Commissioner Wright ponders implications of loyalty discount programs

Loyalty discount programs should be assessed under the standards of exclusive dealing rather than the standards of predatory pricing, FTC Commissioner Joshua Wright said recently. These programs can threaten competition by excluding potential rivals in the marketplace and this should be the focus...