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Commissioner J. Thomas Rosch sees partisan squabbles ahead at FTC

FTC Commissioner J. Thomas Rosch, who has built a reputation for his independence during seven years on the commission, was in a reflective mood in a recent, wide-ranging interview with FTC:WATCH, shortly before his departure from the agency last week. Ever forthright, Rosch expressed concern about the growing politicization of the agency, spoke of the need for the commission to remain independent of the White House, and explained why, once he departs now that his successor is confirmed, he will “never darken the FTC’s doors again.”

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Patent litigation gets attention of FTC, DOJ

FTC chairman Jon Leibowitz joked that he would resist using “a few colorful street names” for patent assertion entities as he opened a recent daylong workshop co-sponsored by the Justice Department...

FTC’s newest commissioner sworn in

For all the teeth-gnashing caused by the battle over the fiscal cliff, Joshua Wright, the newest FTC Commissioner, can look back fondly on all the political pyrotechnics. Wright, sworn in on...

Baer sworn in as new antitrust division chief

After persevering through the twists, turns and seeming interminable confirmation process in the U.S. Senate, William J. Baer finally was confirmed by a 64-26 vote on December 30 to be assistant...

FTC:WATCH special report UBS, part VII: David Rubin takes the stand

Almost every large financial institution in the world was on the take, stealing money from U.S. taxpayers, according to an FTC:WATCH analysis of testimony in the month-long trial of three key...

Leibowitz’s legacy will be colored by no-go decision on Google

At the press conference at which he announced the Federal Trade Commission’s unanimous decision not to pursue an antitrust case against Google, FTC chairman Jon Leibowitz acknowledged some...


DOJ challenges merger of product rating firms

DOJ won’t challenge airport joint venture