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FTC’s decision on Google case could set off political fireworks

The Federal Trade Commission’s looming decision about whether to proceed with an antitrust case against Google is fraught with political land mines. As news reports suggest that a decision by the agency is fast-approaching, some Members of Congress have sent a sharp warning to FTC chairman Jon Leibowitz not to stretch the commission’s legal authority, as they contend would be required, in order to bring an antitrust lawsuit against the Internet search giant.

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Secular, celestial worlds combine in hospital merger debate

A pending merger between the only two hospitals in Hot Springs, Arkansas, has stirred challenges in both the secular and divine realms. Although their vantage points differ, the FTC and the Vatican...

Privacy advocates blast proposed changes in Facebook’s policies

Facebook’s recent announcement that it is proposing changes to its policies involving data collection and user rights provoked a quick response from privacy advocates who see the moves as eroding...

FTC:WATCH Special Report: UBS trial, Part IV: JP Morgan conspirator testifies

Taking money from U.S. taxpayers was a common practice at major investment banks, including Swiss-owned bank UBS, according to an FTC:WATCH analysis of testimony in the month-long trial of three of...

New multistate antitrust chair to speak at AAI event

California antitrust chief Kathleen Foote has taken a big step onto the national antitrust stage. She agreed to chair the multistate antitrust task force arm of the National Association of...

Data brokers getting heightened scrutiny

The scandal that ended General Petraeus’s career, and the ease with which his email traffic was accessed, has heightened public awareness of the limitations of internet privacy in a wired world.

Justice Department sues eBay over hiring practices

Let’s face it, Meg Whitman has hit a rough patch. After spending more than $140 million of her own money in a losing gubernatorial bid against Jerry Brown two years ago in California, the CEO of...

Justice Department, FTC planning patent workshop

Merger update