Q&A: Getting candid with Noah Phillips

Federal Trade Commission member Noah Phillips spoke with FTCWatch reporters June 7 on a balcony outside his office overlooking 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW. Inside his office, a picture hangs on the wall of conservatives’ bête noire, Louis...

Neill Averitt

What changes are coming with the merger guidelines?

The antitrust agencies are busy considering possible revisions to the horizontal merger guidelines. Recent speeches and writings by some key players give us hints of what the final product might look like.

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FTC looking for tools to stop robocall rage

You just sat down to dinner and the phone rings. Who is it? The annoying interruption is from a robocall—one of those prerecorded telemarketers making a pitch. These days more and more people...

FTC:WATCH Special Report: Analysis of UBS antitrust trial suggests bid-rigging dealing was rampant

Taking money from U.S. taxpayers was standard operating procedure, hardly worth trying to hide, at Swiss-owned bank UBS, according to an FTC:WATCH analysis of testimony in the month-long trial of...

Three former GE executives sentenced to prison

More people are headed to jail in the widening municipal bond corruption scandal, which involved more than a half-dozen major financial services firms.

FTC issues split decision in facial recognition report

The FTC has issued a staff report with new guidelines for the emerging field of facial recognition technology, following a one-day conference in December on how improvements in imaging capabilities...

COPPA controversy opens a window on fears for children’s online privacy

In late October, McDonald’s Corp. shut down one practice that critics said violated children’s privacy, and in the process illuminated a wide range of issues affecting the field.

Commissioner Rosch’s speech offers rare insight into FTC

The setting for the talk was extraordinary—the L’Auberge Del Mar hotel in Southern California—and the content of the speech by outgoing FTC Commissioner J. Thomas Rosch was equally noteworthy.