On Capitol Hill, antitrust bills advance as Khan stumbles

Antitrust enforcers have received mixed receptions on Capitol Hill in recent weeks.

Neill Averitt

Federal-state relations could use more structure, won’t get much

There are getting to be an awful lot of cooks clustered around the antitrust soup kettle. The question is what to do about it.

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Is LIBOR the biggest antitrust case in history?

The first shoe dropped last week in what may become the largest antitrust case in history.

Google pondering First Amendment defense

Google, Inc., is opening its kimono to reveal a likely defense against the possibility the FTC will accuse the internet giant of improperly using its search engine function to steer consumers to...

Behavioral economics gets top-level consideration

Groups on both sides of the Atlantic took another look this month at new research on behavioral economics and its implications for antitrust enforcement and consumer protection.

Supreme Court to hear Georgia hospital case

The Supreme Court has granted cert in an FTC case that sought to stop a Georgia hospital from buying its only major competitor and that questioned the limits of the “state action immunity” in...

Sharp debate emerges over Universal, EMI merger

There were few voices singing in harmony at a recent Senate hearing over a major proposed music industry merger.

Critics charge movie tie-in hazardous for kids

What do movies with lines like “Poor animals, now you have to deal with me” and “Zebras can’t drive, only people and penguins can drive” have to do with the pharmaceutical industry?