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Angelides urges breaking up the big banks

Phil Angelides, the former chairman of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission that Congress and the President created to investigate the causes of the devastating financial crisis, has a bold prescription to ensure we never suffer through such a calamitous downturn again: launch a new era of trust-busting and break up the country’s mega-banks.

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FTC building seems safe, for now

Things were looking sketchy for the FTC headquarters building a few weeks ago.

Speed-dating for judges comes to Washington

Dozens of consumer protection and corporate antitrust attorneys converged on Washington late last month at the meat market of all meat markets—the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict...

Consumer choice on the menu in Europe

As a generation of Robert Bork disciples grows gray of hair and prepares to retire, is a new concept, known in shorthand as “consumer choice” emerging as a viable alternative criterion for...

FTC ponders disclosures in a digital world

The Federal Trade Commission’s recent workshop on updating its guidance on advertising and privacy disclosures for consumers on mobile devices drew a packed house of about 200 participants. The...

Tributes to former FTC Chairman Robert Pitofsky

In an auditorium crammed with legal luminaries, former Federal Trade Commission Chairman Robert Pitofsky recently was honored by some of the nation’s most prominent antitrust lawyers, who...

GUEST COMMENTARY: Patents and Payoffs

A federal appeals court recently dismissed a case that could have saved consumers hundreds of millions of dollars. Solvay Pharmaceutical, the maker of a synthetic form of testosterone called...