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FTC and privacy in the spotlight at White House

The White House’s new push for a voluntary code of conduct to implement its “privacy bill of rights,” giving consumers more control over their personal data, puts the FTC front and center as the federal government’s eyes and ears on whether companies are toeing the line.

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CFPB, FTC border skirmish

The prediction that the CFPB and FTC would end up butting heads appears to be coming true.

Libor: Newest big investigation on the horizon

UBS AG is stepping up as first in line among financial service firms to blow the whistle on alleged manipulation of interest rates in the securities market, seeking leniency from Swiss authorities,...

Bankers blasted at Cordray town hall

New York—Expectations for getting help from Washington were sky-high as a crowd filed into the Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College in New York City on Feb. 22 to participate in a “town hall” to air...

FTC seeking cert at Supreme Court on Phoebe Putney

The Federal Trade Commission is taking the judicial decision that has permitted a Georgia hospital to buy its only competitor, creating a monopoly, to the Supreme Court.

Leibowitz slams new Google privacy policy

Google’s new policy allowing it to create more comprehensive profiles of its users by following their activities across all of the company’s platforms went into effect March 1, but it has gotten...

Sen. Kohl persists on “NOPEC”

Sen. Herb Kohl (D-Wisc.) is a persistent man. On Feb. 28, he introduced an amendment to the Senate Sur face Transportation Bill to permit the Department of Justice to sue the Organization of...

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Windows slammed

“New” probe not so new

Aristotle gets FTC nod as ‘safe harbor’


Bogus “free” offers

Municipal tax liens

Auto price-fixing

CFPB BRIEFS: Suspicious activities

CFPB BRIEFS: Consumer Advisory Board



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