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New settlements illuminate vast extent of municipal bid-rigging

The Justice Department’s two most recent municipal-bond plea agreements are highlighting widespread corruption by Wall Street firms that improperly profited off municipal bonds intended to finance schools, roads, wastewater plants, old-age homes and hospitals. The firms had allegedly rigged the bidding for the right to manage the investment of the proceeds of the bond issues.

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Another record fine on price-fixing

The Justice Department’s antitrust division just racked up another half a billion dollars in fines—and more such settlements appear to be on the way, as a result of what Justice Department official...

Global warming for Cordray

Despite plenty of threatening Republican rhetoric over Richard Cordray’s recess appointment to the directorship of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, he has been getting a generally...

MOU: More than meets the eye

The Memorandum of Understanding signed Jan. 20 by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission requires the two agencies to play nicely in the same sandbox. But will it...

Win-loss for the FTC in Graco decision

It appears that the Federal Trade Commission lost the battle but won the war in D.C. federal court over the agency’s bid to retain jurisdiction in the District of Columbia over Minneapolis-based...

FTC drops further action on Lundbeck

The Federal Trade Commission decided in a split three-to-one vote not to seek cert before the Supreme Court on the controversial Minnesota ruling that drew widespread groans at the time it was issued.

More buzz about Google

As the FTC and the antitrust division of the Department of Justice continue to jockey for position on any investigations of Google, disputes over the business practices of the search engine giant...

Going ‘paperless’ attracts opponents

New domain name program launched

Debt collection

Omnicare, PharMerica

Foreclosure bid-rigging

Kickbacks alleged

Ocean Bank

Pipe supply bid-rigging

CFPB BRIEFS: Overseas money transfers

CFPB BRIEFS: Military scams


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