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New window opening for forum-shopping?

An FTC lawsuit pending in the district court for the District of Columbia could have sweeping consequences for where cases may be heard in the future, and give companies new opportunities to seek friendlier judicial forums.

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Who’s your Daddy?

It’s easy to see why companies would love the chance to do a bit of venue-shopping, as a look inside the appellate courts makes crystal clear. That’s assuming, of course, that judicial appointees...

American Airlines merger contemplated

Another major airline merger attempt may be on the horizon, this time involving financially-troubled American Airlines, Inc.

DOJ antitrust division collects record assessments

The antitrust division obtained more than $1 billion from criminal antitrust offenders in fiscal year 2011, the second-highest amount in its history, and filed 90 new criminal cases in FY 2011, the...

FTC settles with CVS drug price allegations

After a two-year investigation, the FTC has settled its deceptive pricing investigation with CVS Caremark Corp. The company will pay $5 million to settle charges that it misrepresented the prices...

Consumer groups press FTC on Express Scripts merger

A coalition of consumer and antitrust groups that opposes the proposed acquisition of Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) Medco Health Systems by Express Scripts has written FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz,...

Law firm mergers up

Law firm mergers continue to surge, according to a new report by the Hildebrandt Institute. The group tracked 45 completed mergers in 2011, up 67 percent from 2010, when there were 27 mergers.

Gilead, Pharmasset merger cleared

Lundbeck: The expert witnesses testify

CFPB UPDATE: Corday wastes no time

Jeremy Johnson vs. Dr. Evil

Propane distributors

NYSE/Deutsche Boerse

Google and South Korea

GUEST COMMENTARY: National Community Pharmacists’ Association

President Obama visits CFPB


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