Political gridlock could prevent FTC from getting disgorgement powers

Congressional backers of giving the Federal Trade Commission more powers to recover ill-gotten gains will need a host of skills. But the most important one may be ensuring they can count to 60.

Neill Averitt

Protecting businesses from telemarketing scams

The Federal Trade Commission has long protected individual consumers from scams, but now it’s devoting more attention to scams that target businesses. This reflects a fundamental broadening of the agency’s sense of its mission.

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Legislators question shuttering of regional Justice offices

U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) delivered a public thrashing to Sharis Pozen, the Justice Department’s acting attorney general for antitrust, at a congressional oversight hearing last week, joining...

Is that Fido around your throat?

Is that fur on your jacket raccoon? Or is it dog?

More headaches ahead for Express Scripts-Medco

Like the proposed AT&T-T Mobile merger, the Express Scripts-Medco merger appears to be in deep trouble.

Antitrust regulators in US, EU investigating E-books

Several major participants in the electronic book industry, including Apple Inc., are facing a series of investigations domestically and internationally into whether they illegally restricted...

FTC: N.C. dental board blocked competition

The FTC has determined that the North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners illegally thwarted competition by working to bar non-dentist providers of teeth-whitening products and services from...

Lundbeck, revisited

An eight-day bench hearing held in Minneapolis, Minn., in December 2009, could have far-reaching legal implications for antitrust law, particularly regarding future pharmaceutical cases. It could...

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Court to condom-maker: Give it up

Fork it over, says the U.S. Court of Appeals.




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