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FTC in the driver’s seat on vehicle-industry regulation

The Federal Trade Commission has been given enhanced powers to regulate the $620 billion car-sales and finance industry under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act---and it is signaling that it plans to use them.

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Is innovation an antitrust innovation?

Are the effects on innovation becoming an important new criterion in government antitrust deliberations?

FTC’s Rosch predicts trouble with ACOs

Health-care providers who want to participate in the Medicare Shared Savings Program by joining together to form Accountable Care Organizations will need to police themselves carefully to avoid...

FTC sides with dental hygienists in Maine

The FTC staff told the Maine Board of Dental Examiners that its proposed rules on dental hygienists could restrict a pilot project designed to expand access to dental services in areas where no...

Second look at Lundbeck

An eight-day bench hearing held in Minneapolis, Minn., in December 2009, could have far-reaching legal implications for antitrust law, particularly regarding future pharmaceutical cases. It could...

Gilead Science vies for purchase of Pharmasset

Biotechnology firm Gilead Sciences, the leading maker of HIV drugs, has announced its plans to acquire a rival firm, Pharmasset, for $11 billion.

Justice’s antitrust division takes hit in job satisfaction

The Justice Department’s antitrust division saw a noteworthy 20 percent plunge on job satisfaction in the annual rankings by the nonprofit Partnership for Public Service.

FTC evaluates itself

CFPB names senior leadership team

Will the CFPB survive post-Franks?

Faux fur not fake

FTC broadens Biz-Op Rule, simplifies disclosures

Justice probes Del Monte takeover

Financial institution fraud prosecutions down

FCC pans AT&T merger plan

Debit card collusion?

Guilty plea in Katrina price fixing

Auto lights price-fixing indictments

Antitrust probe of Chinese SOEs

Foster’s beer to remain Aussie

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