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The plan to shutter DOJ offices gets stranger

The curious saga of the Justice Department’s peculiar decision to save $8 million by shuttering some of its most effective crime-fighting offices gets stranger by the day.

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Now Showing: Justice Department on YouTube

A series of anonymous YouTube videos making the rounds highlights tensions inspired by the Justice Department’s proposal to shut four regional criminal antitrust offices.

Popular FTC commissioner steps down

Bill Kovacic, a longtime Federal Trade Commission employee who served as chairman in 2008, spent the last day of his tenure at the FTC surrounded by boxes packed with his books and international...

Drug-shortage probes at DOJ and FTC

The exploding number of incidents of drug shortages— frequently leading to skyrocketing prices for life-saving medications—is drawing attention from the White House and US Senate.


Could this case go to the Supreme Court?

Debt collectors gone wild

It’s not often that an FTC press release comes with a warning label.

Leibowitz pressing Congress for action on pay-for-delay

Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowitz has offered his own cost-savings suggestion to the the deficit supercommittee that is trying to cut the budget: Restrict pay-for-delay deals.

Criticism mounting on Express Scripts merger

CFPB UPDATE: Another famous ‘name’ joins the agency

New York law

Cardinal Health, Inc.

Government grants

Employment scam

Grupo Bimbo, Sara Lee

Accountable Care Organizations

Construction bid-rigging

Real estate bid-rigging

H&R Block

Johnson & Johnson


FTC Briefs

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