Bedoya, focused and passionate, talks about putting consumers first

Federal Trade Commission member Alvaro Bedoya just reached his six-month work anniversary. The former Senate staffer and Georgetown University professor arrived at a time of incredible activity at the FTC. It issued an advanced notice of proposed...

Neill Averitt

Some hits and a miss in Section 5 policy statement

The diplomat Talleyrand, who represented post-Napoleonic France at the make-or-break Congress of Vienna, cautioned his staff to move only in measured steps: “Above all,” he said, “no zeal.” This would have been equally good advice for the Federal Trade Commission’s policy statement on Section 5...

Current Issue: 793

FTC, Minnesota Seek En Banc Review On Lundbeck

The Federal Trade Commission and the state of Minnesota have petitioned for an en banc review by the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals in their lawsuit against Lundbeck, Inc., a drug company that sells...

Congress, Privacy Groups Seek Facebook Scrutiny

Federal Trade Commission Chairman Jon Leibowitz isn’t likely to be friending Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean he is investigating him. Yet.

FTC Suggests Voluntary Compliance On the Way

A national Do Not Track list that would let Internet users opt out of having their keystrokes and clicks monitored by websites and marketers is on the way – but the Federal Trade Commission doesn’t...

Mica Makes Another Run At FTC Building

U.S. Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., has introduced yet another bill to give the Federal Trade Commission building at 600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW to his friends at the National Gallery of Art.

Antitrust Prosecutors Seek Probe of DOJ Officials

The Justice Department is stirring heated controversy with its proposal to shutter four of its seven regional antitrust field offices—Cleveland, Dallas, Atlanta and Philadelphia—and consolidate the...

New Electronic Payment Rules

New electronic payment rules went into effect October 1 that may lower the cost of doing business for companies that accept payment by credit or debit card.




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