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Rosch to EU: Learn from our mistakes

“I would like to acknowledge that the current system in the United States is flawed.”

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Tickets please

Consumers who seek the arts at prominent Rhode Island venues may be paying excessive prices for tickets to events, two U.S. Senators have contended in a letter to the agency.

Oil woes

As any automobile owner can attest, filling up that tank has hurt more this year. Oil prices affect every area of a consumer’s life- directly at the pump, and indirectly at the grocery store and...

Ad hoc approach: Bad for folks

Starting July 21, things may get a bit more confusing for American businesses- thanks to federal government bureaucracy.

Friendly advice

“It is not fair, adequate, or reasonable to require consumers to give up significant and valuable defenses to potentially erroneous legal claims for, at most, $10… If anything, this settlement...

Hospital deal immune: FTC vows appeal

Ruling that immunity protects a Georgia hospital acquisition from antitrust scrutiny, U.S. District Court Judge W. Louis Sands determined that the deal may proceed over the Commission’s objections.

All eyes on Google

Competition issues in the online search world?

Bureau budget hacked (for now)

Lens inquiry closed

European antitrust

European antitrust

European antitrust

Early termination

MOUs on the horizon

Corruption in Chicago: Prison in garbage fraud case

Chicken deal cut: Va farmers in business

Online privacy: FTC orders opt-out

Data security for 20 years: FTC issues final orders

Social media and the job hunt

$19 million judgment: Loan biz halted

FTC Briefs

DOJ Briefs