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Unprecedented limitations or unchecked power?

A contentious political hearing left many unanswered questions about oversight of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”).

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Poor prognosis: anticompetitive bill?

“I strongly object to the Federal Trade Commission’s interference in our legislative process with its irresponsible, inflammatory and inaccurate attack on Senate Bill 8. The federal government...

A “clear” message to industry

With a mobile forensic laboratory and mobile technology experts now on staff, the Commission has boosted its arsenal to combat violations of consumer privacy on mobile devices.

FTC to Lone Star State: Relax nursing regs

Proposed bills in the Texas state government may increase the availability of health care services to consumers, driving down costs and increasing innovation.

Regulating a cold brew: FTC advice to Massachusetts

To promote competition in the malt beverage industry, FTC staff has encouraged Massachusetts state legislators to reject a proposed law that would increase unnecessary regulations on brewers and...

Parsing words

The FTC has weighed in on the meaning of language in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) of 1991, responding to the Federal Communications Commission’s April 4 call for public comments.

Fuel label merger?

FTC’s alternative fuel labels may consolidate with fuel labels from the Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”).

Drug scarcity fears

European antitrust: unannounced raids on container shipping line industry

European antitrust: Standard & Poors charges resolved

Rental car competitors to unite?

Car dealers comply with Rule

Anticompetitive broiler deal? Justice sues chicken company

Transaction declined: government seeks injunction of VeriFone Systems, Inc.'s purchase of Hypercom

Tax-time trouble?

Banks for sale

Texas docs settle price-fix claim

All that glitters: investment operation halted

FTC targets “free trials”

No fun and games

FTC Briefs

DOJ Briefs