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Citing potential challenge to crafting effective remedy, FTC drops LabCorp charges

The agency devotes a multitude of resources to investigate and charge cases each year and thus does not often dismiss administrative proceedings. When deciding whether to dismiss a case, the agency must weigh important factors to determine which course of action best serves the public interest.

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BCS college football under scrutiny?

The Bowl Championship Series (BCS) is a cartel that favors specific colleges and universities and harms consumers, according to a letter twenty-one professors and practitioners of law and economics...

Groups call on FTC: claim CVS anticompetitive

Consumer advocacy groups have petitioned the FTC to order CVS to divest Caremark, claiming in a April 14 letter to FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz that the CVS/Caremark merger has harmed consumers.

Senate takes on senior fraud

The Senate may soon consider Senate Bill 465, the Senior Financial Empowerment Act, a law introduced by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D., NY), which would require the FTC to increase its efforts to...

Almunia on EU antitrust enforcement

Joaquнn Almunia, Vice President of the European Commission responsible for Competition Policy, discussed antitrust enforcement in the European Union at an Evening Policy Talk on April 19 at the The...

Closed investigation: Olin Corporation’s proposed chemical deal

The Commission has closed a non-public investigation of Olin Corporation’s proposed acquisition of BleachTech LLC, LDJ Seville LLC, LDJ Petersburg LLC, and LDJ Peru LLC for possible anticompetitive...

Closed case: ProFlowers' site ok

The FTC staff has closed an investigation of Provide Commerce, Inc., regarding advertisements on the company’s website (ProFlowers.)

European antitrust

Illinois hospital deal

Health care acquisition

Indictments for air execs

Bank divestiture, deal approved

IT patent deal complete after government ok

Airline merger cleared for takeoff

Allegedly deceptive consumer services: FTC seeks contempt order, fines

Georgia hospital deal under scrutiny

No prize in sweepstakes: fine, injunction for scooter maker

Psychiatric hospitals must divest: FTC issues final modified order

FTC, drug company agree: Divest two products


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