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Comments on FTC’s Privacy Report reveal lack of consensus, raise questions

When the period for public comment ended on February 18, the Commission had received over 400 comments from individuals, businesses, associations and other entities that had reflected on the agency’s proposed privacy framework.

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Antitrust implications in Google deal? AAI issues white paper

As the FTC grapples with privacy issues in the fast-paced high technology world, the Justice Department also faces a challenge to evaluate anticompetitive effects of proposed deals in the online...

Apple under FTC, Justice Dept. scrutiny?

Apple Inc. is reportedly contending with inquiries from the FTC and the Justice Department about certain business practices.

Infant formula ingredient maker sued

A group of international Egg Science and Technology companies called BNLfood Investment SARL (BNLfood) has sued Martek Biosciences Corp. (Martek), alleging antitrust violations in the infant...

Auto Recyclers to FTC: What about recycled auto parts?

The Automotive Recyclers Association has pressed the FTC to protect recycled auto parts businesses in the U.S., claiming that some auto manufacturers are tying their warranties to the use of new,...

Senate committee questions airline deal

U.S. Senator Herb Kohl (D., Wis.) convened a Senate Subcommittee field hearing in Milwaukee on February 25 to hear testimony on Southwest Airlines’ proposed merger with AirTran Holdings Inc.

Guilty plea in biz-op fraud case

Silvio Carrano and Gregory Britt Fleming have pleaded guilty in Florida for their roles in a fraudulent business opportunity operation.

New home for FTC? Commissioners hope not

Tips on appellate advocacy: Commissioner Rosch’s advice

Senators encourage joint ACO enforcement

Merger Scoring

FY 2012 budget proposal

Acquisition announcement

Spanish healthcare acquisition in jeopardy

Texas hospital settles monopoly charges

Cargo shipper to plead guilty to price-fixing

5 Million text messages: FTC charges alleged spammer

Keystone, FTC final order approved

Judge rejects FTC’s request: No preliminary injunction against LabCorp

Amending 2001 agreement: FTC seeks public comments

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