Holyoak, Ferguson could change FTC dynamics but face steep learning curve

If Republican nominees Melissa Holyoak of Utah and Andrew Ferguson of Virginia are confirmed, as expected, to join the Federal Trade Commission this month, they could change the dynamics of an agency that’s been under single-party control for half...

Neill Averitt

Insulin cases need a sharper focus

Hard cases are notorious for making bad law. But sometimes the easy and obvious cases can make bad law, too. Something like this seems to be going on with insulin pricing.

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Ex-FTC Commissioner Wright sues for defamation over sexual misconduct claims

Former Federal Trade Commission member Joshua Wright has sued two female antitrust attorneys — one of whom was a direct subordinate at the agency — for defamation after they accused him of sexually...

Liu becomes BC director

Henry Liu, a partner at law firm Covington & Burling, has become the Federal Trade Commission’s top competition official.

Arguments over HSR revisions echo debate from 1970s

The current debate about changing the rules on premerger notifications has its origins in the controversial legislative handiwork of three iconic members of Congress.

FTC studies teamwork with AGs

The Federal Trade Commission is studying collaboration with state attorneys general with an eye toward improvements.

Beware weather-related scams, FTC says

The Federal Trade Commission warned consumers about disaster-related scams and how to recognize reputable charities following extreme summer weather and one of the deadliest fires in US history...

Neil Averitt commentary: What should we be asking from the economics profession?

The release of the draft merger guidelines is an occasion to think about the work of industrial organization economics because the guidelines so conspicuously declined to rely on economic writings.

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The relationship between two political giants

While not in the George Washington and Abraham Lincoln stratosphere, the number of trees that have given their lives to produce books about Theodore Roosevelt is impressive.