Holyoak, Ferguson could change FTC dynamics but face steep learning curve

If Republican nominees Melissa Holyoak of Utah and Andrew Ferguson of Virginia are confirmed, as expected, to join the Federal Trade Commission this month, they could change the dynamics of an agency that’s been under single-party control for half...

Neill Averitt

Insulin cases need a sharper focus

Hard cases are notorious for making bad law. But sometimes the easy and obvious cases can make bad law, too. Something like this seems to be going on with insulin pricing.

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As probes of FTC intensify, Khan supplies reams of documents to Congress

Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan gave documents to House Republicans discussing the resignation of Republican Commissioner Christine Wilson, along with data about employees’ rush to the...

FTC is often target of congressional investigations

When a House panel launched an investigation of Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan’s actions, she joined a long tradition of agency heads who’ve incurred the wrath of lawmakers.

FTC kicks off search for chief diversity officer

The Federal Trade Commission is hiring its first chief diversity officer. The agency has posted an opening for the director of its new Office of Workplace Inclusivity and Opportunity on usajobs.gov.

Garfield memorial gets nod from Khan

Signoff from Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan for a memorial to assassinated President James Garfield brings the project, which is intended for a spot near the agency’s headquarters, one...

Foundation’s lawsuit challenges FTC authority

The Childhood Leukemia Foundation’s lawsuit against the Federal Trade Commission will test whether the agency’s authority extends to nonprofits.

Neil Averitt commentary: Mail call with the House Judiciary Committee

The new GOP majority in the House of Representatives clearly has the Federal Trade Commission in its sights. The oversight panel has already announced an investigation of Lina Khan’s stewardship of...

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Why Facebook has caused so many problems

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen caused considerable tumult and some policy changes with her media appearances and legislative testimony, shedding light on the allegedly nefarious ways the company manipulates algorithms.