Holyoak, Ferguson could change FTC dynamics but face steep learning curve

If Republican nominees Melissa Holyoak of Utah and Andrew Ferguson of Virginia are confirmed, as expected, to join the Federal Trade Commission this month, they could change the dynamics of an agency that’s been under single-party control for half...

Neill Averitt

Insulin cases need a sharper focus

Hard cases are notorious for making bad law. But sometimes the easy and obvious cases can make bad law, too. Something like this seems to be going on with insulin pricing.

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Wu says FTC has law on its side

Timothy Wu, who was the intellectual architect of much of the Biden administration’s competition policy, says the US has moved to an antitrust era that connects to democratic roots. Congressional...

Court battles persist over regulating horseracing

As horseracing enters its most publicized time of the year, the Federal Trade Commission is fighting industry officials and state authorities over regulating the multi-billion-dollar industry.

FTC inspector general urges training on hiring expert witnesses

The Federal Trade Commission’s inspector general urged the agency to develop formal training about overseeing increasingly expensive expert witnesses.

Auto dealers say Safeguards Rule needs tune-up

Auto dealers have prepared for years for the updated Safeguards Rule set to take effect June 9, and they say the rule’s one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.

Let’s compare the 2024 election with the 1912 race

A charismatically challenged president with strong antitrust bona fides faces a threat to his reelection from his media-savvy and extroverted predecessor.

Neil Averitt commentary: Amgen-Horizon case raises possibility of personalized merger law

At first glance, the Federal Trade Commission’s complaint targeting the Amgen-Horizon deal seems ill-conceived and overbroad, but on second look there may be a hidden logic behind it. The history...

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A payoff for more Americans

Despite the relatively strong economy, wages for many have stagnated and anticompetitive policies are partially to blame. That’s the argument made by public intellectual Michael Lind in his concise and well-argued book, “Hell to Pay: How the Suppression of Wages is Destroying America.”