US Chamber, House Republicans push FTC to strengthen recusal rules

The US Chamber of Commerce and some of its Republican congressional allies are urging the Federal Trade Commission to revamp rules to clarify when members must recuse themselves.

Neill Averitt

Weight-loss drugs give FTC golden opportunity

The sudden emergence of miraculously effective weight-loss drugs is good news for 100 million American dieters. It’s also a unique opportunity for the Federal Trade Commission. If the agency can help make these drugs more widely available, it can provide a visible quantum-leap benefit for...

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GOP lawmakers question Khan, other commissioners about FTC record

Republican House members asked Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan tough questions about the agency’s performance and seemed opposed to granting a request for more funding.

Activist group Everytown seeks regulatory study of gun marketing

Everytown Gun Safety, the nation’s largest gun violence prevention organization, says the Federal Trade Commission should study gun marketing to children in response to the president’s executive...

FTC enters critical phase with rulemaking on noncompetes

Now comes the harder part for the Federal Trade Commission concerning its rulemaking on noncompetes. The agency must review 13,850 comments on this polarizing topic while considering legal threats...

Consumer advocates take to the Hill

Nonprofit consumer groups lobbied federal lawmakers last month for Federal Trade Commission funding, restoration of its authority to require refunds and to support the agency’s efforts to stop...

Traffic Jam case could test FTC’s constitutional authority

A case involving a direct marketer for auto dealers could test the constitutionality of the Federal Trade Commission’s authority.

Neil Averitt commentary: Walmart case shows promises, perils of new FTC strategies

In the two years since the AMG Capital decision closed off the traditional avenue for getting monetary redress, the Federal Trade Commission has worked hard to develop new approaches for its...

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Why people commit fraud

Have you ever read about a massive fraud or price-fixing case and thought: “What were those people thinking?” Well, there’s a new book that will appeal to you.


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