Wu says FTC has law on its side

Timothy Wu, who was the intellectual architect of much of the Biden administration’s competition policy, says the US has moved to an antitrust era that connects to democratic roots. Congressional intent assures its longevity, he told FTCWatch in a...

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Amgen-Horizon case raises possibility of personalized merger law

At first glance, the Federal Trade Commission’s complaint targeting the Amgen-Horizon deal seems ill-conceived and overbroad, but on second look there may be a hidden logic behind it. The history of the two companies could also become a factor in the analysis.

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FTC touts tough enforcement while preparing for more court setbacks

The Federal Trade Commission is expanding staff and taking tough action while preparing for more potential losses to its enforcement arsenal at the hands of the courts.

Doubts remain over passing major antitrust, privacy measures

Legislative aides and enforcers at recent antitrust and privacy conferences were pessimistic about the prospects of Congress passing significant legislation in these areas any time soon.

Words matter at the FTC

The Federal Trade Commission has shunned the word "purchase" (say "buy!") in a quest to speak plainly to consumers.

Privacy Corner: Sajid backs commercial surveillance reparations fund

Rumsha Sajid, a national field organizer with Media Justice, says the Federal Trade Commission should create a reparations fund for communities of color with proceeds from enforcing commercial...

Conference planners to describe vulnerability to impersonation scams

Conference and event planners next month will tell the Federal Trade Commission how impersonator scams have harmed face-to-face business events.

Focus on ESG ad claims widens

A push by companies for greater environmental, social and governance initiatives has been met with increased scrutiny, including intense focus on ESG-centric brand advertising claims.

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The high court’s right move

The Supreme Court hasn’t been progressive since Earl Warren was chief justice in the 1950s and 1960s, but its recent rightward tilt has become apparent in all sections of law. The behind-the-scenes maneuverings that influenced this outcome are nearly as compelling as the high court’s opinions.