Act against data-driven bias, advocacy groups tell FTC

A coalition of advocacy groups and lawmakers urged the Federal Trade Commission to hold companies accountable as online harms against people of color and women proliferate.

Neill Averitt

What’s up with that West Virginia v. EPA opinion?

What was going on in the Supreme Court’s opinion in West Virginia v. EPA? Everyone has a sense the new “major questions doctrine” will create problems for the antitrust agencies. But what kinds of problems exactly?

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Wilson exit will heighten GOP scrutiny of FTC

The upcoming departure of Federal Trade Commission member Christine Wilson robs the agency of a strong advocate for a lighter touch approach to regulation. It could also give congressional...

Previous case of Paramount importance to Live Nation-Ticketmaster

The merger of LiveNation and Ticketmaster gave one company control over several parts of the production and selling process of the concert business. If the Justice Department tries to unwind the...

ABA report on diverse consumers addresses merger analysis

Merger analysis could be reoriented to capture harms and assess whether there’s an outsized impact on the economically or racially disadvantaged, according to an American Bar Association report on...

Dutch enforcers offer model to FTC for capitalizing on psychologists’ input

The Netherlands employs psychologists to advise on competition and regulatory cases, and officials there said it helped reshape an understanding of the reasonable consumer standard.

Senators seek investigation of CoStar

The Federal Trade Commission should review “potentially anticompetitive practices employed by CoStar,” a commercial real estate online platform, according to Senate leaders of the Judiciary...

Neil Averitt commentary: Doubting divestitures in Big Tech cases

The antitrust agencies are making their Big Tech cases harder by pressing so strenuously for divestiture as the primary remedy. When combined with aggressive theories of liability, these remedies...

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How unbridled love of the market became gospel for some

Reverence for the free market has been one of the prevailing themes of American history. The story of how that happened is filled with twists and turns and — not surprisingly — a great deal of money.