Tech titans, other companies face PR hurdles in antitrust suits

Antitrust cases are fought as much in the court of public opinion as in a courtroom, and experts say that calls for a multipronged strategy.

Neill Averitt

Actually using a balancing test in the Google case

Antitrust lawyers love to talk about the consumer welfare standard and the rule of reason, and indeed these things are central to the intellectual framework of the law and to practical counseling. But when they’re put to the test in high-stakes litigation against Big Tech, courts generally recoil...

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Antitrust agencies could draw greater scrutiny if GOP takes the House

The Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice could draw greater scrutiny from Republican lawmakers in the House who would chair panels with jurisdiction over antitrust and consumer...

Privacy proposals come with tradeoffs, report says

As lawmakers mull privacy legislation, they should examine whether restrictions on companies might limit consumer choice. That’s the guidance in a report by the Congressional Research Service, a...

FTC gears up to tackle deepfakes

Deepfakes, phony but seamless videos, could get consideration in rulemaking aimed at lax data security practices.

Lawsuit targets baby formula investigation records

The Functional Government Initiative is suing the Federal Trade Commission for blocking records surrounding the agency’s investigation into the baby formula shortage crisis.

Texting scams land on feds radar

The Federal Trade Commission and state attorneys general are eyeing an increase in US complaints related to texting scams.

Neil Averitt commentary: Waving the ‘rule of law’ banner against Biden’s enforcers

Business libertarians used to make policy arguments, saying the government shouldn’t unduly limit business freedom. Now, in a switch to a more aggressive posture, they often attack the legitimacy...

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Mergers and misconduct at HBO

While mergers and acquisitions are rarely the stuff of high drama, they can impact the caliber of the dramas we watch on television.