Holyoak, Ferguson could change FTC dynamics but face steep learning curve

If Republican nominees Melissa Holyoak of Utah and Andrew Ferguson of Virginia are confirmed, as expected, to join the Federal Trade Commission this month, they could change the dynamics of an agency that’s been under single-party control for half...

Neill Averitt

Insulin cases need a sharper focus

Hard cases are notorious for making bad law. But sometimes the easy and obvious cases can make bad law, too. Something like this seems to be going on with insulin pricing.

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High court to weigh in on timing of lawsuits challenging FTC actions

The Supreme Court will hear arguments next week involving when companies can challenge actions of the Federal Trade Commission, with the agency preparing to face another uphill battle.

Rulemaking proposals get boost from Khan-led majority

The Federal Trade Commission’s recent rulemaking proposals run the gamut of consumer protection issues.

Bureau of Economics directorship undergoes lengthy vacancy

An eight-month-long job vacancy for Bureau of Economics director has followed the abrupt exit of Marta Wosińska on Feb. 16, a day before the Federal Trade Commission was set to vote on a study into...

A scam PAC battle might be brewing

Lying to potential political campaign donors could prompt enforcement action from the Federal Trade Commission. It has happened before.

Blockchain Alliance helps regulators combat crypto crimes

The Federal Trade Commission participates in a public-private consortium whose mission is to teach law enforcement how to make the cryptocurrency space safe.

Neil Averitt commentary: Keeping litigation manageable

Antitrust litigation is notoriously complex and time-consuming. This complexity is starting to interfere with plaintiffs’ and enforcement agencies’ ability to get their work done. However,...

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Totenberg reflects on RBG friendship

When reading Nina Totenberg’s memoir you alternatively want to smile and scream. The long-time legal affairs correspondent for National Public Radio uses her friendship with the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as a springboard to tell their life stories and recount recent legal...