Non-compete rulemaking faces legal hurdles but could help Biden politically

The Federal Trade Commission’s rulemaking on non-compete agreements faces legal obstacles but could reap political and public policy benefits even if it’s struck down in court.

Neill Averitt

Chess cheating, defamation and the Twombly pleading standard

It’s an unusual legal story that involves international chess tournaments, the Twombly standard for pleading collusion, Arthur Schopenhauer, and radio-controlled vibrating sex devices — all at the same time. But this is such a story.

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From journalism to baseball, lawmakers take up antitrust exemptions

Media companies and their congressional allies have escalated efforts to obtain an exemption to antitrust laws to counter the alleged unfair practices by Big Tech companies. The legislative fight...

As crypto fraud rises, Khan offers plans for aiding consumers

The Federal Trade Commission is offering its wish list to Congress for combating cryptocurrency-related fraud amid debate over which federal agency should take the lead.

Walmart fires back at FTC as effort to curb agency’s powers expands

The Federal Trade Commission is facing yet another challenge to the constitutionality of its structure and some enforcement tools. This time the criticism is coming from the nation’s top retailer.

Privacy Corner: Meet Willmary Escoto of Access Now

Willmary Escoto, a US policy analyst for the digital rights group Access Now, says political activism comes naturally.

Stealth advertising dupes kids, researchers say

Digital advertising blurring the line between ads and entertainment can mislead kids, according to research submitted to the Federal Trade Commission.

Neil Averitt commentary: FleetCor case maps out new routes for consumer protection

We have seen what lies ahead for consumer protection, and it looks a great deal like the FleetCor case.

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Leahy memoir heavy on stories, light on policy detail

Political memoirs are a challenging literary genre. The best of these books balance captivating storytelling with an authoritative look at key events in the author’s career. Ideally, you don’t want too many comments along the lines of “if they had only listened to me, things would have turned out...