Antitrust agencies could draw greater scrutiny if GOP takes the House

The Federal Trade Commission and Department of Justice could draw greater scrutiny from Republican lawmakers in the House who would chair panels with jurisdiction over antitrust and consumer protection.

Neill Averitt

Waving the ‘rule of law’ banner against Biden’s enforcers

Business libertarians used to make policy arguments, saying the government shouldn’t unduly limit business freedom. Now, in a switch to a more aggressive posture, they often attack the legitimacy and budgets of President Joe Biden’s enforcement agencies.  

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Under Khan’s leadership, staffers air frustrations in wake of survey

When Lina M. Khan took the reins of the Federal Trade Commission a year ago, she inherited a regulatory force of 1,100 staffers poised to advance her progressive agenda. Soon, however, her...

Amid pushback, Kanter steps up fight against consumer welfare standard

While Federal Trade Commission Chair Lina Khan has gotten much attention for her outspoken views on changing antitrust enforcement, Jonathan Kanter hasn’t been bashful about using his job as a...

On the Shelf: Examining Apple after the Jobs era

Apple’s evolution from an innovative computer maker to the world’s most valuable company has been one of the greatest business stories in recent years.

Antitrust violations should disqualify divestiture buyers, AAI says

The Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission have approved divestitures to criminal antitrust violators. Stop it, says Dr. Diana Moss, president of the American Antitrust Institute.

Baby formula crisis brings out scammers

The US may be in the midst of a baby formula crisis, but there’s no shortage of scammers willing to prey on parents’ desperation. The Federal Trade Commission says consumers should use caution when...

FTC to consider earnings claims rule

The Federal Trade Commission will consider rulemaking on deceptive or unfair earnings claims this year.