Tech titans, other companies face PR hurdles in antitrust suits

Antitrust cases are fought as much in the court of public opinion as in a courtroom, and experts say that calls for a multipronged strategy.

Neill Averitt

Actually using a balancing test in the Google case

Antitrust lawyers love to talk about the consumer welfare standard and the rule of reason, and indeed these things are central to the intellectual framework of the law and to practical counseling. But when they’re put to the test in high-stakes litigation against Big Tech, courts generally recoil...

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Political gridlock could prevent FTC from getting disgorgement powers

Congressional backers of giving the Federal Trade Commission more powers to recover ill-gotten gains will need a host of skills. But the most important one may be ensuring they can count to 60.

The road to FTC rulemaking looks far from smooth

The Federal Trade Commission’s road to rulemaking will be paved with partisan bickering and litigation.

On the Shelf: No major fix for lax data security

Data breaches create headaches for companies and people, yet many of the underlying structural problems that cause them remain unsolved.

FTC advisers herald slamming brakes on remedies

A paper by two Federal Trade Commission senior advisers could foretell the direction of the antitrust agencies regarding remedies as a method for resolving competitive concerns.

Privacy Corner: Meet Sara Collins of Public Knowledge

Sara Collins advocates for algorithmic accountability and consumer protection requirements related to housing, education, credit scoring and how ads are served.

Cross-border fraud reports doubled last year

The database of cross-border fraud reports ballooned last year thanks to the addition of consumer complaints from Australia.